Professional support

teamOur multilingual team (German, French, English, etc.) is available to our customers 24/7 and assists them with all their requirements. We are happy to help with the reservation and with selecting the room; we make sure you get the appropriate configuration and that everything is organised as required on-site.

Free WiFi

wifiHigh-speed WiFi is available free of charge in all rooms for customers of the Business Center.

Screens and beamers included

flatscreenbeamerNo more cable clutter: All rooms are equipped with a "Plug&Play" system. Mobile devices such as laptops can be connected directly to the existing screens and/or projectors. This service is free of charge.

Office services

At the reception desk, the Business Center provides an up-to-date office infrastructure. Printouts, copies and scans can be made up to A3 format (b/w or coloured). Document scanning is free of charge.

black/white: A4: 0.20 € / A3: 0.25 €
coloured: A4: 0.30 € / A3: 0.35 €


faxFax messages can be sent and received at the reception desk. The reception of fax messages is free of charge; for sending fax messages, costs are charged * as incurred by the connection.

Telephony / conference telephones

phoneAll our rooms are equipped with telephones (suitable for conferences on request). The costs are charged * as incurred by the actual connection and calls made.

Audio System

A mobile audio system with desk and hand microphones is available to our customers for the bigger rooms and for the room combinations. Please specify at the time of reservation if you want to use this service.

Costs: € 50 / rent

Video-conference system

For video-conferences, the Business Center has its own highly compatible video-conference system. We test and establish the connection in accordance with our customers' requirements. Please contact us before your reservation if you want to use this service. Specific video-conference solutions can be set up on request.

Costs: € 200 / rent

Taxes included (French VAT 20%)                                                    
* 0.08 € per impulse